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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll indicating he would go to -- amateur into -- with other seats this Manchester City is scary at his place to sealing his preferred switched on it down. This despite wants referring to himself as argument to -- staff. Calling on -- -- it was presented as the head coach on Wednesday. And president Florentino Perez has sent a deal has been reached in the month Monica midfield that. The need -- on a rail has set the that is jointly -- them. Austin innings and hitting it down -- his assistant -- you've been working with one of gap that was biggest hit my wrist. In his first -- has been linked to the -- could platforms again. Well certainly that's. Responsibilities roughly constant speculation penalty yet you will reconsider his replacement to want Hart -- in favor of the Spanish Giants. Meanwhile rivals Barcelona who reportedly -- crisis talks of children Alcantara. To try and resist his anticipated being too much -- -- The Spanish under twenty onslaught as likely to come David was that a signing that's not a boss. He's expected to complete the seventy million pounds finished ultra fit but thoughts on -- making the last -- attempt. He told her that would feel bad. He may not be the only boss I heading to the Premier League we've got to be a place to finalizing his spokesman. The foot has been exposed radar for some time and they hit -- front of the deal -- -- by the end of the week. As a need -- on rises up to this and hard Leighton Baines has hinted that people that have to answer might have a play at. Face -- speculation. Of reuniting aforementioned boys are you going to hit that doctors indicated. Reports about if you boast about him today as. So what else having to play of this park it next season is every week or day before what is unlikely to remain at relegated to quicken this summer. And -- to be key to don't know with a full one left it's manager. Cross town rivals Liverpool are set to be furious following reports that striker Luis Suarez has to discuss a move to real Madrid's. -- -- -- on a show -- custody to join Michael Rocha Swansea. I'm finally Andre Johnson did has found that you club after being released bought a house built the Russian has agreed to -- pavement -- that is saint Pete is that.

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