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Current Video:Carlos Tevez completes transfer move to Juventus|

Carlos Tevez has taken a step closer to joining Juventus, after Manchester City agreed a reported 10 million-pound fee to sell the striker to the Serie A club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Carlos tennis has taken a step clay since joining defense this. Often Manchester City AP reports it's -- -- in -- that he does that strike -- to this area clubs. The Argentine is -- to discuss those in attendance cheering it on Wednesday and we'll be expected to take a wage cut the deal to be complete six. The 29 no it is understood to c'mon just short -- few 100000 pounds of week of the Premier League clubs. The need to balance the books out at they had was underlined by the 41 million pounds spent -- and he's just -- last. Yes it is it's complying with -- -- until that play regulations. City we'll -- he's just a fraction of that are close to 24 million pounds to throb with the united in 2009. But with the utes run lucrative contract and the politics that pretty -- to seventeen million and saved wages earned by USA's. A city that to fill the gap in this forward ranks people's monopoly reading out of what you see that we've and it's funny -- financial grounds. The Europe wants salary demands on the buy out both of 54 million pounds -- well in cities and is prepared to pay. Should tell that this which he spent -- BC -- you may be -- team but -- -- want to -- kids. The right back 97 appearances during an injury hit season and in Milan and Chelsea among a number of clubs interested in signing him.

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