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Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo is due to enter talks with Manchester United in the next few days to discuss a return to Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following up on county campaign -- -- -- until chasing the radiate a constant building that the arrival of college until all the we'll see Chris -- and how to extend his state -- the done without. The following and you twisted his offense with the that he it Giants you know Markowitz sentiment just he really takes it sets -- back in the offing. But butch he's dies due to -- to -- -- officials in the next few days last according to reports in Spanish -- -- Al Chinese. That's been through with the pickups voting official meetings -- play -- -- on the contracts. It's reported that united and right now not to tonight discussions that take place. I think it's understood pronouncing with hundreds of patience at the work -- -- -- mowing as much it doesn't play nearly as well as advertised Alex Ferguson. Having stills and extending the remaining Yale on his contract and certainty has played and out -- prospects for some time. And while united would need to be secrets if you fail to him back to old -- it -- about it has had no problem going public I think his future. Sharon if his -- twenty million followers on which have recently that -- with him signing contract with fox.

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