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Current Video:Arsenal's top transfer targets|

FOX Soccer News chats with former Arsenal players Lee Dixon and David Seaman about the club's top transfer targets this summer


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you meant and you didn't watch fox soccer news last night our offense and endured an ugly few years what has spent his -- list is 2005. And had a losing their best players in a regular basis but. So by the change apparently with a gun listening to host of big nine and expansive plays a somewhat. Fraser Robinson has more. -- playing -- he would totally Dixon shooting a charity days. How -- how he was among those playing 100 holes from how 4 in the morning to ten at night and eight of MacMillan cancer support. On the former Arsenal defender is backing us and -- those judgments over the likely arrival of Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain. If it comes off hopefully. From an emotional point of view he's he's he's quality through and through. He will school goes there's no doubt that I can get chances -- awesome because they could do create chances like that he suffered came off the field. So I think you fits in really well. Dixon's total praise for the way America's soccer and Garcia only anchored arsenal's back four to the second best defensive record in the league last season. It left almost for Mallon is back dealt with the World Cup at the end of this coming campaign should the Belgian be seeking another club -- -- be a regular star -- You feel a lot yet but I think him I think he should stay in five trees placed. -- the -- of state both -- of this what you were announced on to say. A lot more solid towards the end of the season and I think you can benefit from Marcus is a great defender but he's no. You know there's a team defender I think he's got things slow and not what State's knowledge will be will be utilized. Dixon's former teammates David Seaman was also part of the challenge. He wants Mbenga to follow up he claims likely arrival by sending Findlay -- from ever -- Arsenal are reportedly met the midfielders release fee of 22 million. We just know that during a lot of money so the money might -- be is bigger fights as what people think. Nobody when we trophies he's a great player you know and and also look at -- that portrays their way a little bit you know to get to get the best on the team. You've got to run your own strengths and he's certainly not logical especially at restaurants if he -- joy and I'll be QB right side. -- reckons Mbenga has a big decision to make this somewhat stunned by his key person shares and I'm Fabio escape or buy a new number one that. QBR Julio Cesar has been strongly linked. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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