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Current Video:Manchester City out in hunt for Cavani|

Manchester City have refused to meet the £53.6m buyout clause for Edinson Cavani.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester City -- hate to have cooled off that the seeds of things and can funny. It was revealed that the timely club will not be -- he struck his buyout clause fifty full million pounds. The into volunteering client had been the subject to the team they've got to between city -- -- with trades but Chelsea also linked to the 26 year old. Speculation previously stated that about escalate following cities aren't with rule. Go wrong blocks admitted to what they've asked me it's cheap boss will likely hit the way through college loyalty to joint right now and kick start the spice -- -- that business. But speaking ahead of the confederations cup team weeks ago eight perhaps the league it wouldn't seem to -- it makes it frontman. Of the citizens live but it. I don't know if the Spanish league is a -- -- me. -- is wonderful as everybody knows you affable freedom. Of teased. Us. Of the striking 38 times last season it's it's the one that. If it hostile at that point six. That's off point prohibitive price -- city Boston -- that they -- -- out another proposed target this guy who. How does that constitute -- city have placed company in the -- -- -- -- trying to land the Monica stop. They feel it is understood to be told to get into the thought about on the one hand. You know it's the former Patriots football league ballclub and we'll take reading on the other. The twenty -- -- -- champions already landed presented seventy years from shot taunted yeah that's that's what that could hate just -- pass from Serbia.

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