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Current Video:Thiago Alcantara to Manchester United?|

Manchester United is close to acquiring Thiago Alcantara from Barcelona.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With South Africa saying it would be at sets up -- -- his dream club. Manchester United may have that's a lot with another loss led to stop it feel this. Tiago can tolerate athletes to -- -- debates that have -- champions. If the -- supposed to be agreeing to seventeen million pound deal for the 22 year old. Despite being told he has a bright future the near camp you know it's understood to be keen -- -- the -- from Catholic yet. Easter hat trick in Spain's triumph if it's late in the under 21 European championships final. -- underlined his credentials at the proposed -- to all traffic. That prompted comparative on -- not to keep it that -- ahead to drop a massive gains I think his future I'd like to see you in Manchester on his multiple. The -- David voice that has that he sees it there's still no clear indication that Wayne Grady was still be at the club. All those shareholder and he's just an off that's it he would be a great success at the emirates -- -- want to late strike yet maybe ten to one to Chelsea. Meanwhile little tools disputes of rising stock had Rick Mickey tying hadn't past that stumbling block if the players -- But completes an -- just -- -- at least I'll -- they should be able straight always strike is expected to undergo a medical on Friday. And that's that he's excited bodies need to anfield. You know -- to twelve million pounds he has been agreed to suddenly keep the solid -- -- -- with question about should be drawn at the key to that happening right now. The thirty don't -- hesitant to move to Barcelona. Despite coach -- -- the Victor Valdes went to -- out the remaining game on his contract.

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