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Current Video:Napoli unveils Rafa Benitez as manager|

Rafael Benitez has been appointed as the new manager of Serie A side Napoli.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nothing is present task at seven matches to city opt out of the race to sign -- about because they might pay the 54 million pounds release clause in his contract. A warning that a lot of pictures -- that's tough defeat president was speaking at -- company says news conference. As a former Chelsea interim manager with officially appointed the thought you had extra money is arguing with your reply at confederations cup. That -- obviously competition with him talking about how he feels it. -- and now he's doing and as national team so we -- -- to you know his future so he has to concentrate on dot. And to my house and before him -- then try to sit and wait see. How he feels that they tell you put them clarify so we. Copy Fahey continual play well that's going goes on because you know important that everybody can took him but not just in England also in this pain and know everywhere -- -- CBS -- the money to pay felony because they say that we don't pay that good game. BAA Abu Dhabi. Say that we would never spend so it's 63 media wants you -- -- -- We can. These guys -- needs to do some of the things. That is the two of them and that meant to him and instantly. Hey BP today but any baby. He's made me feel good with the -- he didn't even. Know he. -- that they don't have the morning. But because if that maybe. The parents who -- play -- -- you -- mean everybody. Because. Then that -- at CP streaking. And sort of put my -- -- CP he's facing that. Probably and we -- the problem tomorrow but that they may get sick don't call me. Two man edge. Defense you sit still he's very easy to escape me supporting me please send -- anywhere else from the gate. Fit -- all of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he has had a brief status area three years ago when he succeeded -- a -- -- that I'm. Into our reigning European and Italian champions that they need to have on just six of his fifteen the -- the -- -- sacks in December 2010.

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