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Liverpool's Brendan Rodgers has been busy this summer.


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Johnson needs and that put a price to make the team these signings and found that they've agreed defeat to Sunderland with -- coming today. About to go keep the cost between eleven and twelve million pounds on the board him seeing me in three years ago. -- -- in -- signing would see him China's apparent after the go keep this Jesse's happy opening an exciting every -- gave us on the Nazis and -- 54 goals twenty more than -- Kept eleven clean -- compared to bring us fourteen but he did make it twice as many say it was at a -- -- -- -- breaks yet the -- at about catch kicks except. -- -- -- -- sell books is expected to compete he's made landfill this weekend Rodgers has already signed to play as if someone covered Torre was afraid funds for a while -- -- got us us. Joined from -- they got. So what do we know about -- helped us Taiwanese twenty year old forward after coming through the ranks of via. He makes 71 team appearances he's -- last season on -- and Boston and -- base going eleven goals and 37 guys. And he still set a spying on the 21 international.

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