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Find out on FOX Soccer News as Andy Carroll is pleased to stay permanently at West Ham United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed he didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well over to some amazing primarily news on Tuesday and pick out passes medical with West Ham United and on Wednesday they made it official. The 24 year old has agreed to a six year deal worth fifteen point five million pounds last few million worth of I'm not. -- made 25 appearances with west -- last season while on loan from Liverpool. It's fast it's fantastic coming here I am to be here playing and I'd really much last season. And I am just showing but obviously combatant in -- independent. How much of an impact did your experience it all season having a decision to come back kick and -- Have you seen that it was loss of the confirming them. Poll finds no I'm not thinking. The -- just itself skiing and create a million. And I was young I suppose. What I wanted to they could market and then the affable. And it's been a lot of rumor discussion about way can it be ending up the summon help pacing outside the result you know -- can you kind of took over the next -- -- -- Obviously you know she's a few weeks before the when the season finish so I'm. Titans they can do it from the club and obviously that makes him let's look. So I decapitated him as expensive English player in history when he moved to anfield 35. Million pounds. Think that. 35 million pounds he -- 58 appearances which included thirty points thought he scored eleven goals and that looks out to about 3.2 million pounds. -- -- Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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