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Catch FOX Soccer News to see the new Premier League schedule as Manchester United hope to repeat under David Moyes.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. As soon as Premier League season finishes this as the day that -- look forward to it then -- that next season Sixers are released. Not only really see a number of fantastic Darby isn't that there aren't a lot of new faces in managerial positions including new -- over at Manchester United with David -- In charts. -- your luck at United's first six games of the Premier League season. Their first match is a way against one of the and it had come to take on does -- -- Chelsea side. And if the Manchester Darby at that he had on September 20 arts. Jamie -- very I think David might feel the pressure right from the start. That could stop for a little for post if it doesn't go well you -- -- -- people stop asking questions I -- -- -- only got to be favorably that if he's favored to feel I can. So opposing meeting in Chelsea -- sort confident when David Moses finished the game little tough responsible supporters that you want to get in a local Scott really horrible. It's -- to -- fiction they have a day Menino called Buffett and also go to. Some feel these ultimately killed inevitable it was a cool isn't he said -- feels when they could have -- should have been fined. So we've seen Karen the pundits said the man city's early schedule has mental I think when you begins life in the friendly FA cup finally stopped the season off home. The third -- and -- against new colossal. Then they play to promoted sides back to back the first away gets caught it and and home against hull and September 28 city take ability. As for Chelsea four of their first six are away from home because they are involved in the super -- at the end of August. Bring your first match will be at home against top followed by united and average and a way and on September when he -- its a clash against Tottenham. -- the w.s in the first half of the season also post goes in the north Landon Donovan and August 31. The matches at the -- takes place this habits when he first points against pedigree and -- Yes that does sound extremely weird and it is the return of the South Wales building with Swansea and caught it -- -- there rivalry from the event but the second. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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