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Current Video:Postgame reactions of United States victory|

Come see FOX Soccer News as the United States Men's National Team comes up big against Honduras.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. On Tuesday the USA beat Honduras in World Cup qualifying another important win sees that space dictate their ambitions in the -- and without doubt the pressure is now officially off you can Klinsmann. Who have been embattled a few weeks ago with more in the stars and stripes here is -- The US now has one foot in Brazil from World Cup when he fourteen after Tuesday's one nothing win over Honduras here in Sandy, Utah. One big reason is Jozy Altidore -- tied -- US men's national team record by scoring in his fourth straight game. Even out the door and told me a while back that he didn't think he totally. Your inference consistent with the US but now out the -- says he's making the necessary adjustments to succeed on. I think it was -- -- in terms of you know he had to go away from certainly did for three or four years when coach and kind of -- different you know -- -- all -- -- please be patient I think. Lot of people are gonna jump ship in the you know. Say things right at the -- the players and be patient and believe in what the coach doing and I think. When we do that the successes in the shall we should keep leave the US needs a reliable Centre forward if it's going to make a run in Brazil next year. Clinton and obviously played that position during his playing clear. He says he's not seeing what he wants an outdoor. Give a happy. -- -- We always told him from coaching. Perspective you know that it takes a lot of hard work it takes it out of adjustment -- takes. And he takes the right moment to be there on it takes hunger you know and energy put in Allen and -- Four or five games has been tremendous you know here it's not only that he scored those goals in -- the world that he does for the team. It's it's it's awesome you know -- starts in all of the high pressure that you would like to play more and more. He kind of shifts the defenders to the side you know he chases him down even bald balls back -- on that energy from -- is very important to that team. A largely different US team now look toward the CONCACAF gold cup in July but most of the -- blisters will be focused on clinching a World Cup berth in September when the qualifiers start again. Several players told me after the game that they think they'll get a rude reception in Costa Rica from fans after the blizzard game the two teams had in Denver in March. I'm grant while in Sandy, Utah for fox soccer news. Was fox can use every nights at 10 PM.

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