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Current Video:PSG fails to entice Andre Villas-Boas|

A huge pay package and unlimited transfer funds did not help PSG lure Andre Villas-Boas away from Tottenham Hotspur.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nothing even the Oakland European focal of -- it takes decades -- unlimited shots authorities cannot take the dollars that we talked about. Does budget has not enough for Tyson Japan as they get to a place -- -- -- conduct penalty. The French champions can't pay ten million pounds by calculus to bring the Portuguese to talk to France. Thought they'd be beaten down shots it is across the channel despite it compete in the champions league next season. It's still the appointment of former England assistant frank without -- -- -- SPORTS direct that helps a slight -- -- -- -- it does. -- -- has -- frustrated I've seen enough to narrowly missing out of quantifying the Europe's elite competition for a second successive season. Last season's fifth place finish but I classification -- -- ninth -- tenth to twelfth to allow Chelsea to defend it tight so. By the disappointment it seems that he finds out who got hit his parents misquote me and I have this summer white hot Lleyton. It does that say to that while the magic things -- -- victory target -- I know there are plenty of other thing is you beat that to shift. About this psychic and you know -- don't -- -- time off season I think that Nashville's got a Tonka. With so many up for sale it seems that one of the few people asked us fans can be shall still be -- on the next town is the manager himself.

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