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A round-up of all the latest football transfer gossip from around the world on Wednesday


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Looks like David boys might finally get his man but to see nice that the company -- -- that -- Yucca Tara. The last night and it feels that had to tax it to a point when he was still manage a hesitant but was -- finance the -- -- Now Monday night's opening just about fifteen million pounds as you might be it's meant to -- T and find Munich. There is no doubt let's -- the top of an extraordinary week the status on that into its captain. His tactics suit his -- the year it's been that -- trophy as it's the on Tuesday. This week hasn't been about -- I'm Carol. The fifteen point five million pound deal is a west ham records I would give -- panicked a little more funds to post then it C note. One of its -- -- Christian Matsu poolside with the price of around five million the week his contract expires Eckstein and he is told platoon he -- new. Yeah it's a lot also had to make that deal with similar ties with you know so packed house at -- But it looks like that'd -- a couple of to miserable for the twenty wrote as they -- they would not to get satisfied with you the tools are fun. Let bits out also a couple of fast and then but at this time been on the receiving games. They -- the seeking and transfer fee of eight million pounds down banks who spent the majority of last season on the banks. The crisis that took them so you also can't afford to send out the first billion pounds -- when he -- it gets paid at that time. -- Aston Villa have managed to signed Danish international -- -- Canadians. Who scored sixteen goals in a TV appearances Alba can. And finally won masses he -- Chelsea has been thrown into doubt about support he's not wanted by chasing their reunion. Boston -- -- -- be hunting for this and it back to his homeland. We'll take TSA player of the year nominee official -- found that he intends to stay at sent the Braves.