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Current Video:Champions League trophy takes to Munich streets|

Bayern Munich fans celebrate their club's Champions League final victory parading around the competition's legendary trophy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. As close to perfection as possible. That's his top -- Munich strife delayed in season could be some doubt. The Bavarian Giants compete today historic traveler Bundesliga the FB -- Kyle and UEFA champions league titles last season with not European -- shining brightest of old. Fans got up close and personal Europe's greats is priced as it was paraded around the streets of Munich. Taking your famous hot spots such as the -- -- pinch -- and how to. The 21 big -- of appreciate -- three weeks ago I was finds fifth champions -- -- and fast for twelve years. It came as a welcome relief for found stuff to -- their -- off a final heartache in 2010. And again it out against Serena in 2000 and -- We've had quality and -- now at the Helm affecting you season lies ahead we find competing for no less than six trophies. They have the chance to secure two of -- before the end of locusts. With the German super cup against dormant and European super cup against Chelsea on the horizon.