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Current Video:Manuel Pellegrini arrives at Manchester City|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Manchester City's new manager Manuel Pellegrini.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now Manchester City they did not of course that the season and hope for after winning the properly title in the most dramatic way possible. This season was a bit of a let down that gets into the title back the crosstown rivals and more importantly. Crash on the champions league group stage for the second year in a row. In -- -- Mangini his job a month ago on Friday man city hire his replacement and you're never going to guess who it is. Manchester City have made. Manuel -- we need the third manager in the big money -- to -- signed a three year 3.4 million pound your contract on Friday that was long talk about appointment. Had been delayed by a payoff dispute his former club Malaga. The 59 year old spoke about the expectations down man city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's a city that's the most money pool. Improving every year the squad to play if you have to win titles it was another. Like six holes it. We can win this -- title but I'm sure there have been next week we're going to. Two to win. Maybe the community that I believe but we try to even -- I have a in Portland hopefuls for input from plus. The most important thing for me. -- I spoke we've struggled we see it Tiki was stolen. And I'm sure that we can make do great monitoring. Team school. Reached that got -- what wanted to see if you want to the next India but it was reported very important this. For me definitive decision. To -- things. I think. I don't -- I'm sure the club the best buckle. That community so you know what people to play if we can which is important cycles. I mean these. Knicks. Feel foresee some feeling want to step forward tool and I did the bridge okay my tooth and obviously to -- that -- -- enough to put the four for four years. But I have -- -- we can and we thought you know. And you know it's I don't know how to assist haiku we do you know when you just. I -- golf club. I finally here's a look at Manuel -- Brady's record in the champions league -- Malaga Real Madrid. And Phillip Ray Allen won a total of seventeen matches losing only eight times that gives them a winning percentage of 49 former city striker. Dennis good. Says the sky blues have to perform in Europe the season. TV in the overall vision of the onus I think is a global want. And I think that's stocks. And you know we did well in the premiership two seasons ago. Though disappointing yeah but now that's the next stage we have to do well and you're open minded -- don't think they they believe that. Because the move to New York City already. And I think they've got a vision go global so we have to do well and you have to give this global exposure offering you so I'm Felicia and and everything so hopefully it season we'll win -- I want to see what you can do and then obviously I'm real -- I was new and old management. Plus the fussing in the music to my deceased teams play good football and I think behind the scenes at monsignor and the thing. Didn't think he would commit everything to be in hockey so hopefully can bring in a different style -- -- And on topic was Fox News every night at 10 PM.

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