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Current Video:Manchester City appoints Pellegrini as manager|

Manchester City hired Manuel Pellegrini as manager Friday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hope O'Grady has been confirmed as the name Manchester City manager he signed a three year to Ellis told the clubs on television states in the city come when the Premier League and champions -- Pedigree he wasn't asked about his plans to transfer market thinks the club already has the best sport in the permanently. If -- both -- -- your eyes. To victim of us went to this it is you -- deep to would tell the truth I figured it. Wanted to see the best the most money pool. Improved every year the squad to play if you have to win titles and most other. Potentially. And wins the title but I'm sure there have been -- we -- going to. To win it maybe differently this time to -- but we try to we you know. How about. In Portland hopefuls for input from plus. The most important thing for me. After that I spoke we've struggled we've stated. -- he was. I'm sure that we can and then make it is great run into him. Team school reached the project what wanted to see if you want to the next India but -- reported very important this. Will be completed the official. The sick things. I think. I don't feel to a club the best but they'll. Bill this community so you know what the foot radius and we can which important title for. And mean these. The next. -- foresee some of hearing about to step forward -- -- that the ritual here in my third and obviously to -- that -- nothing but the -- for -- four yes. But I think we're we can and we thought you know. And you know it's I don't know -- this tycoon maybe you know and don't it's kind of health club. Had a pretty good pointed to improvement just seize hold of the champions they've got to face qualified from groups say the same consecutive seasons. Has been. It was the second to reach the semifinal loss season full conceding twice in stoppage time to prove people. That's his country's record in the championship symbolic of the Doral and Robert Trent. He won seventeen of forty focus and title giving him and I'm for winning percentage at 39. He's any -- lost eight games in the competition that is when Wright was up at 50% when he was around the -- it. McGrady officially -- to a clinching the 24. Belong up to that it had to South Africa with the city school for two friendlies with South Africa an insult to the far his creation trophy would say you play China in the first game. And then on dispersal Sunderland in the round of the pre season in Helsinki. Had to face and also the -- before the -- season starts.

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