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Current Video:Chelsea sign Andre Schurrle|

José Mourinho has completed the first signing with Andre Schurrle.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's been in the job for less than a four point. Protested made -- Thursday's signing and it Jersey abbreviated. Please have reached an agreement with by Leverkusen to sign strikeout Hendry shouldn't. Reported eighteen million pounds. The deal for the 22 year old has been confirmed subject to play green tested them and passed a medical. The from a weitzman has 24 cups activity has been a long time target of Chelsea becomes the first driver to breathe your second spell. Excuse would want to coach and sonic have been deported unless it is plus the -- at a should have enough for a successful -- it did Bremen last season. Media has said the 21 year old is in his plans at Stamford Bridge. They've -- weren't willing to part company with -- until they found a replacement. Should help to tee it up. But to -- at Detroit and they've -- to move for highly rated young -- extra attention mean solemn. The twenty -- South Korea and he practiced well Wednesday because last season and attracted interest from Putnam has signed to fight you deal at the fire arena.

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