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Current Video:United States takes first place in CONCACAF Hexagonal|

Find out in FOX Soccer News as the United States Men's Soccer Team is rolling along in the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I'm Tuesday night we -- US national team take on hand and I -- friend ever roaring crowd than trailing field in Seattle. But what really let the fans bad thing was the fact that the US won two now in their latest World Cup qualifier. And done that to birthplace and -- sports Illustrated's grant law has about schemes story. Where exactly one year out World Cup 24 teams in the US is rolling now in first place in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. Electric tonight. Today coach Juergen Klinsmann started seeing the things you want. Take it to the next level in Brazil. Right. Think you know that that the team realizes now that. You have to stand -- man and every single game and and you have to give everything you have. And you have to also learn to manage a game in your local. Up and go for the second one. It's just thinking OK you know we got to -- that was -- you know makes BBC -- one of things these couple weeks know. This have been of the green and then. NSA general saved the day before the game against a must win at home you've got a -- your games. As we move into this last part of qualifying in and hopefully into the World Cup that now with the consistency. Doing what we wanted to do game any game as there. If you're going to make an impact of the world -- Neither reliable center forward and on Tuesday Jozy Altidore scored. US goalkeeper Tim Howard need outfielder -- doing the word to get better. Players has got to work and I you know he's working hard and you can tell you know come the eightieth minute he's spent -- -- reason he's doing that could leave an all out there. No he's he's super -- has been great form you know sports articles or something like that the season you know. He's got a lot on his shoulders you know we we we ride the big Fella because he's our money -- he scores two goals and -- -- -- responsibility. The US damage -- to Salt Lake City for next few days qualifier against Honduras they'll have to find a replacement at left back for the market Beasley who's out on yellow card suspension. But the replacements did very well on Tuesday night both Geoff Cameron and Eddie Johnson having terrific games for the US. That kind of depth is a great sign that this team moving forward. I'm grant -- in Seattle for fox soccer news. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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