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Current Video:Manchester City becomes highest paying team|

Manchester City's financial firepower has seen them conquer another table, after they were revealed as the highest-paying sports team in the world.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That involves rich as well unimportant fronting pinching a historic -- triumph in 2012. And Manchester city's financial firepower that's him -- another table -- to tailor the field that's the highest paid sports team in the world. -- -- -- playing -- to forget that eight million dollars a year which equates to about a 150000. Dollars a week. You have to settle -- -- -- 61 was United's if these champions full and it's an average of six million dollars each plant. Focal things they dominated -- -- extend his own salary. But US sports really on illegal Barrett have a role with 36 American silence in the top fifty. The LA Dodgers -- the table seconds on the list incredibly -- from sixty ninth if it is to be Beckett retired as they make it's mark. The MLB outfit pay just under seven and a half but it goes up ideally that the New York Yankees have about it -- The Philadelphia Phillies those who spent constantly on wages while the likes of Kenny Bryant and showed -- The LA Lakers of all it was was generous employer -- seventh in world sports federal. Of the top 27 teams in the table released on sporting intelligence. Eighteen health from North America have gone from Western Europe. It made I'm sixty on the Yankees to a financial forces to create that you MLS franchise to New York City football club. Underlining the monetary bond that exists in sports because both sides of the Atlantic.

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