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Current Video:Chelsea unveils Jose Mourinho|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Jose Mourinho's return to Chelsea.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. All eyes were on London for a return of biblical proportions the worst kept secret in football was revealed last week officially on Monday. Chelsea reintroduced Jose Mourinho as their manager the fifty year old Portuguese bonds is quite a few more gray hairs this time around. And his attitude both seemed a bit less. Jose Adam on was there any filed this report. Off the fight he is eight months 21 days in a few -- was the special one he's back as manager of Chelsea. This time around he's got a different name for himself. And yet he won. -- -- been linked with -- joking -- Chelsea ever since Rafa Benitez confirmed he was leaving at the end of the season. And now he's got negate his intention is to bring stability to the club. Of course who -- for -- to leave him. And -- the club looks. I had -- as I was saying before experiences. And desires to move and desires for new challenges. In his moments. I'm completely. In another direction complete similar -- And you see the profile of of the squads and and and the profound of the squad is also. Asking for that if you -- under investigation for a tentatively -- -- -- different funerals. Today is the plays and -- the minute. And the Clinton stable. -- certainly inherits a talented squad from Benitez with some familiar face from his initial time as manager. They would be getting any special treatment. It's always good tool. So little vacant for seeing. These people that gave us Epps -- everything to me when I was yeah. But I think it's important. To tell you -- them because they know. They know me and they know what it is important to tell me that. Not privileged for them. Then Loretta because -- -- my mind that sort of -- As a manager. But is important let it clear that's. They don't have an advantage in relation to the other people. -- -- abrasive personality means he doesn't always see eye to wind these plays or employ as. But the fans love him and Chelsea faithful are no different. Well over the moon and absolutely over the moon I didn't she pulls it is to -- -- -- -- -- it -- to jettison some fantastic times. Great characters have rounds -- and leaving. You know it's about as many personalities in this league can kind of be grateful you know our schools and we're actually evident. BC's phobia that's saying that every Latin Joseph Ralph. No fangs were absolutely Davis tightly next. And he's the one to bring back -- know weeks without. While Marino delivered a total of six trophies the last time he was here in London between 2004. And 2007. Including two pretty -- titles and he's not winning mentality that has made him the standout choice once again for the blues. -- hunt fox soccer needs. Thanks that Adam now you really can't blame Jose from returning -- progress he was a success there for -- around the stats. Definitely don't like this have a look you picked up a 124 wins in his first bell comes over a 185 matches across all competitions. And they were dominant at the bridge you'll remember he lost athletes won one time that -- in the winning percentage of just over 67%. I'm not good at math. That's a pretty good percentage when it comes to football. More importantly he did win two Premier League title their first in fifty years he won an FA cup once one community shield and two league cups. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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