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Jose Mourinho will only talk about the future and nothing about Benitez's and his decisions.


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One of my qualities is. One of the -- people to have some -- -- One of the woodlands is that when -- -- a glove I don't like to speak about the club. And when I arrived in a glove I don't like to speak -- comments on what happened before. But before me so from me not to unload the -- Beneath his decisions. Is an orange on all of them out of they have. But what I can say and what they can speak is about the future. And if you system -- Sean on. On the first week of July. So right to get the best out of him I know what done. I know what -- can -- Let's try to get the best. And let's try to make him again. A very important player that firm. -- he couldn't be the last season but have been if this decision as evidence -- decisions. Losing to. -- -- -- -- These people live news. Absolutely amazing to -- in the museum. But I think it's important. To tell you about them because they know. And a privilege for them. -- already because -- know my mind that does not. As a management. That is important that it's clear that. They don't have an advantage in relation to the other people. After that there is a group of boys. That passing Chelsea did very well in the past he has. To get his young boys and great quality that potential Richardson. Definitely more than happy to -- -- what -- them and to try to improve them. And of course have the depth. I think every club. Especially equivalent -- You have all his ambition to add. A couple of -- -- is to improve the sport school. To give some different qualities to entries is the competitiveness between them. But. Passing the most important about the -- having his moment is is is on the improvement of the boys. The potential. And that seemed to have. And -- conditions as as a manager also has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Too busy going to be in the system for me because -- It was a good. Flew to -- twice of course I want to win the sometimes. I think is not an obsession for Chelsea. Because Chelsea wanted. Of course they want to win. For a second time. But there's -- obsessions so is just -- consequence of lower let's work. That's what caught it and well and sleep quality. And give them do their fighting. Every season. We got the objective. But. When they -- have fun. And sort of -- that of course is. Is better that remedy is different is a different kind of competition. Is -- competition that the best team wins. And let's let's tried to do the best that you know that. I've seen. -- questions. Also want to be the best.

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