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Current Video:Chelsea appoints Mourinho as new manager|

The Special One has returned to Stamford Bridge.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only one place -- shot though Georgia Marino's first news conference since being -- appointed manager of Chelsea. More than 250 journalists assembled to listen to me to speak far. 52 minutes. And I told them each returned. -- -- are a better manager than he's ever been before. Nine years after proclaiming himself the special one Mourinho described himself not. The hop -- one he -- a four year deal and says he's been paying to stay at Stamford Bridge but alongside. Until there's expectations. Are higher this time around up to winning. Five major trophies in three years in his first spell in charge -- he says his perspective has changed. He assured the media gathered today he has the same perhaps not fitness in nature as before. I sinkers in the best moment of mine. And my period in terms of knowledge experience stuff. You know so I feel very -- I feel very comfortable. And I'm just so sorry that. The pre season doesn't -- more. I mean if you want. That is something -- -- very very clear I. I didn't choose from my career. A comfortable position. Because I'm really fit into our house. I was have been I was successful and where the funds let me know. I'm I'm coming exactly weeks. At the opposite perspective I think I have. More responsibility because of that. I've seen this the expectations. I -- because people -- is. Well taken on the ground. That they want to be. Respected but look at even the best okay. Appreciate that there's -- But don't -- -- what -- can do from friends again -- repeat them. Since there's -- it's his signature. But. Conditions it. And when I want to be. -- is a few. To -- tool to a confident crucial my -- that's that -- have to be here for a long time. We have a part of the forum a fortieth in the first stage I hope we can. We can go to the field unless they of these -- in these Indians. Flick of his have been that that club wants me and to stay in. And be more than. -- -- Sometimes it doesn't move. -- speak about my weaknesses. I'd have to say that I tried to improve them. And that's a sentence. You don't speak about us. Young. Witnesses we've got enemy. And my enemy. Tomorrow is reading papers my enemy is watching television though. So what. I think one of the great qualities in the team is that we -- hides a little weaknesses. Every team has weaknesses every manager has everything and yes. And you have to try to whites -- The children but I. I didn't oil into the I lieutenants for a Anderson. -- -- the children and -- just not a joke. It's my job and this is a job I want. And residual it was a offer us and that except in -- Where that answer questions about the job and I and then -- -- you're BO that you want to reestablish John Terry as important member of the team. Joseph said he's been impressed with the young players just you brought in recently. About his priority is to develop their existing squad rather than to make wholesale change. A Marino also dismissed suggestions. That the Cubs have -- with winning the champions league.

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