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United States manager Jurgen Klinsmann would like to keep up a winning mentality after a great victory over Jamaica.


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The into the dates it is what it is and an important is that this team now. Gets more and one victim mentality to bounce back into. To kind of challenge. Themselves. Two win here you know -- -- -- to look forward -- He said that from the beginning on a severe ready now he had to come into difficult. Place Vikings and say we want to three points. And that's. That's obviously no big plus for us going into home games and and I think the players religious -- complement the. That incredible that's that you know there are certain moments -- you always remember and certainly one of them. -- just pure elation after the goal. And -- comes over the Hedman -- take yellow card and -- and I think you know we'll see you will see what lineup we turn out you know there's still a couple days in between games so you never know but. You know first and foremost. -- front your home crowd is something that is. It doesn't happen too often especially with the national team so it'll it'll be something I'll always remember. Whether I'm in the stands plane in the game you know whatever it is maybe it'll be great moment especially for the city of Seattle took. Then Mandela did. You know we came out ever. For three point isn't as of -- today not sound -- it was and I wasn't pretty. But you know that's what Clark have games are about you know is sometimes not pretty you know and I was -- the -- of -- game of football. You know the most important thing is we get three points in the -- toughest opponents next two home games. Since have a table and you know we we get a feel good at the moment.

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