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Current Video:Everton fans hope that Robert Martinez keeps promise|

Catch FOX Soccer News as Everton fans look for the club to break into the top four and secure a Champions League spot


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The -- side of the Roberto Martinez -- is well underway the top he's new -- set the bar pretty high when he told the world that he is the man to get Everton into the champions -- but holding on to keep pieces a narrowing the Laney and Leighton Baines will be one of his biggest challenges as he takes over for David points -- -- has more. About Tomas it has wasted no time in getting his attitude management style and the way by spending the day finch -- trading grounds. He was clearly came to get started having promised to place in the champions -- I think way past to trying to do is to you know. Still finish where you know who have a -- of being used to finishing. Good trying to Venus sliding more attractive way because realistically it's it's almost impossible to to break into that hope so -- because. And as far as clubs. The -- and they're bigger budgets that that make -- impossible to break him. He's biggest challenge could be balancing -- -- that he plays with keeping hold of these top stars. But the likes of Ireland for the lady -- -- complaints in the shall we doubt. And who knows. Different situation and assume he's not. And millions and millions of pounds available just go by players. So the will have to be some -- and utilize everybody has -- to run away you you know Renaldo of his drugs at every single play is a price at which. You know the market size both -- move on. Boston is may have won the FA cup but he was also in charge when we -- were relegated. Though it appears that's not being held against him by fans who have cautiously optimistic we failed on a lot of -- all of -- here. I think -- -- draws into wins Milan and real good start in the big teams. Think that's what we still go we have an auto accidents all the teams welcomes it. My guys that's nonsense you a little -- things once within what Chelsea. Possible but don't you think about it used to bring in some some couple of a crisis and -- might just got a backup as -- and and bring some money and given some financial backing is about but. Not gonna get into that top six -- the manager has just over a month to work with these new players before the first three seasons friendly. -- to Austrian champions Vienna on the fourteenth of July. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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