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Current Video:Arsene Wenger will continue as Arsenal manager|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Arsenal will not part ways with Arsene Wenger, who has year left in his contract with the Gunners.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Despite speculation on eight is without a trophy now be the whites of the club the -- fan -- Austin bank debt that would not happen apparently. False notes it is -- I -- using this as at this point Mbenga and in the final year of his contract a freshman will not be leading the club any time say in. Mbenga has navigated gospel from a financial minefield. Since -- am mistaken as bills that the Genesis seventeen straight -- champ is the qualification this season as every years since he joined the club. -- said. We think they've done a fantastic manager we hope that he wants to do what he's doing the long term. I believe he does so -- and the lights on I think we'll make an announcement on his future when things don't put in place. Also legend in Roy however thinks it will be difficult for the gunners to compete with the pounds of man united city and Chelsea. It's going to be hard. For us when -- -- of the -- to become a part of it's not gonna wanna go to those three clubs what is kinda neat though some might -- contenders again. It's tough because of what he needs he needs he needs some body. The caliber of players it's gonna wanna come -- to take it to the next level -- they've got the money but. When talking about you two urges citizens of body is going to be some -- Seventy million pound package also ointment and a you know he's a whole deal what he would cost sorrows in -- assemblyman incurred costs more than a colorful Lumpur suffering Boston -- for her improved -- players. In and around accountable to really blossom -- Who's gonna wanna come remember one for years because they're gonna resign him to go on the road where they're due to some other -- are so. Yeah that's going to be really tough -- you know it just OK to -- car keep hoping everything's constantly they're gonna do something and present come and perform. Was fox opinions every night at 10 PM.

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