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Current Video:Manchester City sign Fernandinho|

Manchester City have completed the signing of Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Fernandinho.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Head straight is. Today exciting matches this city fans listen up -- your prized big news for -- -- good evening. Well -- haven't -- you magic get the want to have good asbestos signing of the new pre season so I'm Dave you have confirmed. As much the city's first acquisition of this pre season what do you know about him. Was a 28 year old Brazilian international he's played the shot dominance in the Ukraine. For the last eight years they someone with a big big pedigree so we've talked about with the that's a Mancini at the last few months of someone who now. It's a -- the -- play was in the city yes. They for a medical -- -- private hospital battling wheel to go out about six hours before existed ounce of Manchester they predicted the thing. -- so -- that it would be the first signing but got so busy flurry of activity domesticity. Over the next few days but for nineteen years certainly. But glad that they're looking up for some time and maybe just. A real hands at the sort of found that you see out there on Soriano it is I have not. -- get the terrorist I'd have is a difference the philosophy here I think when Manuel got it going he has announced is nice to cities next manager and I think that will be. The next major announcement coming out and yet he had stated I think he will be more the continental match and as the likes of the Bears got. A Soriano who are picking the players -- form parts of his may have failed we expect -- does not pass his side to be announced later next week's -- medical out mayonnaise out of across the Atlantic playing for Spain in the United States when they sold on out not move would also take place around about. Fifteen million bounce -- -- -- tons of -- to finance Dini on Iraq led to believe it's around about thirteen million pounds -- had a four million pounds -- been. Announced over the past few hours around a closer initially. To thirty million pounds the masters have you made their intentions pretty big. I'm pretty lame along the biggest signings. In British -- history tonight than -- -- you know their latest acquisition. We will see and what not quite -- but they have announced his signing. And he is -- that's got through this summer expects now welcome to go in any manager to be announced ops as soon as 48 -- time. James a big -- and I huge fear as you rightly say and it's our understanding that. Third box you ownership this this year is maybe thought to have complicated negotiations -- -- and not. Yeah I think. I can just throw it a case in point I mean we that we noted a lot of these south American players that that that is an issue and it certainly some this. More common than not that might be somebody this stop perhaps this -- taking place as soon as we'd like but I think that right thing about this is is that someone that prevents them on Cheney. Petty remarks is a lead he would have liked to sign Zito gushing about him about the sort of influence he could have homage to cities midfield -- this is a question mark. The thought to such a seasoned Brazilian international. But I spent. So much of time in Ukraine the last eight years of his career and so did reports coming out tonight for not side of the fence and it's a forty million pound -- I think. Much the city has spent a little less than not initially it might be with those bonuses and add -- it flaws this way. Up to forty million pounds that is forty million dollars -- the biggest signing in British trounced us. But as history and it's a full year deal as well folks an update yeah so -- dame Tulsa. But this is a -- making their intentions pretty clear last summer it was slow out of the blocks and Bustamante was frustrated that they didn't do. There -- chance of business as quickly as he would have lie was Soriano a better recited misquoting this summer. But I'm -- got a -- first got so I think pedigree to be announced -- might be in here that he's being signed and sealed. By Monday so Leon told -- that deal is pretty much done a bit of paperwork sorted out between Lewis and he'll be the manager that's the -- swiftly on the heels of that. One of the real got just a winner from Spain pays us not us expect to decide the match to say next week after medical. On the other side the Atlantic so these are heady times the much the city that priority is to get the Premier League. Back from Manchester United tonight that made a big step forward brings a native and Xenia to lose -- of Manchester. Timothy James thank you very much James -- -- the story -- there.

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