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Check out FOX Soccer as Harry Redknapp does not want outside interference with what players to bring in for next season.


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Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Redknapp is making friends -- Loftus road if you PR boss says he'll quit if the board of directors or anyone else interferes with his work during the transfer window according to Redknapp -- overhauled the team that finished dead last in the primary league last season the 66 year old spoke at a golf event. We got a check here and I don't get a 'cause you know one of bringing everything go to -- really you know -- -- other people. Ebony says it's always the one at the club apart from. You'll be in need on the on the football post of course golf Grammy affable people. We have to make decisions and if we make the right decision who would do whatever challenge. Otherwise. Think other people in -- of 100 decisions but no chumps if you go sit down on this out make sure you get up. Anyway Iguodala -- that you know wouldn't stick around but I've done you know go to speak to Tony Fernandez and you have to look back we didn't pay no one knows and invited them in a couple of free transfer isn't much on -- playing KG and to be honest. It's fantastic for -- notion if you could -- -- for us and you know becoming. -- buy experienced pitching great shape he's implied are really one of bringing on a free somehow we missed just goes to a couldn't do. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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