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New Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has delivered a parting shot to Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, saying the Portuguese forward 'thinks he knows it all'


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He thinks he days until. And that night picked it makes him etc. JC -- is parting shot towards its job right now they ought to be Ingraham a -- to secure a second stylist monitor Chelsea. We disappointment at Stamford -- -- -- I went out there will make excitement heading to England if that was it to formal government just seemed to be reported to -- -- Unfolding -- ticket at Portuguese stop it's that's -- come back to the Caribbean leak is unlikely to have both pulling his fourth loss to West London. We're -- a has hinted he doesn't want to extend his contract that the thought about beyond 2015. If Chelsea -- 1990 it's at least as possible destinations. That's like TH notoriety despite -- cup so. -- -- -- you know it's both Alex Ferguson -- and eighteen million pounds two pounds then knowing. He stated on a number vacation he isn't streaky at the -- -- And reports suggest you know -- will look to exploit it certainty surrounding his future this summer. Speculation has also been -- went out this team they have -- -- We hit it into a strained relationship with the defender last season missiles and it to the -- to England's. You don't disrupt -- Manchester City -- will you keep all of the -- -- -- national.

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