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Current Video:Navas makes Manchester City switch|

FOX Soccer News looks at Jesus Navas's move to the Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's -- to miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Speaking as Indiana Manchester City had made their first signing at the impending -- not -- some and allowed telling Freeney aircraft. -- and Spain right Winger hazy Nat Estes -- transferred to that paddy had on the DL that could be worth at least seventeen million pounds. Contact deep down that yet to be ironed out that with more on the story here's William -- BL. He's already come a long way in his Korea. Now -- snap fassel hopes his big money made to my -- city looks like him to the next level as a football club. The Spaniard has already won the World Cup on European championships with his national sides. But Bob for a player who has a teenager suffered such chronic homesickness he -- -- to travel more than a few miles from his hometown this available. But having conquered his anxiety demons he is heading for the English Premier League in the hunt for success on the domestic stage. The place he went and lifted the UEFA cup twice with Sylvia but has never won a league title. And he hopes to get to have will be the place where he fulfills his potential. Much to city of agreed to pay around seventeen million pounds plus problems for the 27 year old. Not Westerfield had -- if he decided to make full months ago. It's -- B is official website I am very happy with the decision I want to thank the fans on the club earlier if given mate. It was my choice I want to grow that and they've invested the looks and may not want to keep blossoming that it was a decision I made it wants to keep. It is difficult because I have had many enjoyable is say it but I have decided I want to go to that. It's a very good move for me I did not hesitate soul. So -- passes today he has made the right choice. But what is convinced the Premier League runners up to -- with a three which reportedly could rise to 25 million pounds. Not last what six strife is during a decade at that Ramon Sanchez hit -- in which he made more than 301. Team appearances. Despite walking out of the Spanish under 21 side because of his anxiety problems. He has become a regular place in the national squad the creative right -- has been picked by this and take -- -- -- to travel to Brazil for this month's confederations cup. But despite coaching teaching 32 assists as the -- and the last four years he has been criticized for not scoring enough. He failed to find the -- to pitch seven -- eight games this term. Despite having a lot of shots by now about some matches to -- you'll now be hoping he can achieve his goals in the Crimean leak. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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