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Current Video:Jose Mourinho returns as Chelsea manager|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Jose Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night we Jose Mourinho is officially the new manager of Chelsea will be his second stint with the blues. As it led them to back to back primarily titles in 2005 in 2006 before his surprise departure in 2007. The special one. Will be introduced at a press conference at Stamford bridge on Monday June 10 after signing a four year contract. He's three years left on his contract when his relationship with owner Roman Abramowitz dissolve back in 07. Over in three coaches with them from rail -- dread the fifth year old spoke to Chelsea TV about the move. I have to prepare myself. For them to be pretty emotional. And mind. Arrival and firm. And the growth -- -- decision loses season. And I met. I meant the most some of the I'm not. -- And I think you can -- things. A couple of very short book from domestic. Questions. We and we decided. I think. This kid doing. I guess the most you want him back and they both Austin. And you want to come back. And I think you know. Can a couple of things this season went. Because it it worked out well in a way for both parties biffle a -- left he went and did what he wanted to do utility if. Continue to win things built on what you did you know I think close. Was a magical moment because. You know and -- the end. From the connection is with the crowd went missing calls for the group was what is it. My mind parts of the -- to analyze it can learn in the Cooley into the emotions. And need to barbs. I think was fantastic because. Mercury enough that. I've had in my -- looked I was aiming for that period of my career and I -- believe so comfortable quote. Looked. The potential for most of them. The important moments in conducive. From the club and you know. Have a feeling. And I think they'll. We have to really in the great moment for both so and passing preeminent who -- -- So everything has returned to Chelsea Marxist third -- in six years that. Follows his time with the rain out Madrid Larry picked up 128. Wins as manager. Of course there's his successful two year spell at Italian Giants into -- lot. Practiced first and at Chelsea the special one managed in his native Portugal within feet back and now -- -- gas and points out. Chelsea fans have. Fond memories of Mourinho -- time at the bridge here's a recap he picked up 124. Wins in all competitions. Losing 21 times and trying forty. He had a winning percentage of just over 67%. And over all competitions and more importantly he picked up -- Hugh -- merely titles won SA -- to -- pats. Now known as the Capital One half and one community she yelled. Here's a look at the highest winning percentages for managers and cramp nearly play. Does simmering as the last south had him at 71%. And primarily play that's better than even the great sir Alex. For his second at 65%. While long time Arsenal manager -- anger is fit for rated at. 58%. Here's what some of the Chelsea faithful think about the special ones return. He's deeply cared and I was -- -- -- that surround you notice this is going to be -- if there's any doubt that's going on but. I feel that you know there's a pretty good going on. -- on his son flights since -- -- has retired and if you look at -- if you look at Kenny don't these intensity of a second round. Whose club by the bonds began to very well and he was fighting against the second season so I could not. Still it was good news of the -- did a really good job less than happy doesn't you lost periods and wanted to back Tuesday. I I think it's great he's been waiting for for months. He's familiar with Chelsea that that plays that actually called for but don't -- that's -- That know him enough and like I think it's a recipe for success he has to do well. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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