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Current Video:Mourinho moves for De Rossi?|

Returning Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has wasted no time in trying to recruit a new midfield star for his team.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's only been back in the premier league for a matter of hours. The returning Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has wasted no time in trying to retreat and you midfielder Phillies team. According to press reports in the UK the londoners have a conduct preliminary -- to -- its international Daniel the Roxy. The fifteen million pound rated Roma plan is reportedly unhappy at being took to the number of occasions but -- yeah Roxy last season. Defeat is unlikely to be a stumbling block for the police. Yeah any question is whether de Rossi is willing to leave his boyhood club. Another side looking to strengthen in midfield is Liverpool. That reportedly targeting -- -- the next -- scorer Henrik Micah Terry and and just like to 22 million pounds price -- a couple of ready to follow up that long term interest in the player. The -- for the reds is they don't have to sell Luis Suarez to raise funds. The fifteen million pounds out of and the towel to west come has given them as -- -- -- team enough money to secure the coveted Romanian international. -- play he definitely will be at anfield next season though is Pepe Reina. The Cokie there have been linked with -- -- -- Barcelona this summer as Victor Valdes gets ready to depart the Catalan club. But the shortstop and has confirmed his keen to extend his stay at Liverpool rather than -- Schultz. Elsewhere I'll still have been dealing with -- to score me chief. And think it is desperate to add five -- to his side. And has discussed the possibility of signing the twenty team built for immunity midfielder cum striker with the scouting team. Another striker who has been linked with a move to the emirate it -- via. But also -- a front -- has revealed he will make a decision on his future until after the confederations cup with Spain the tournament ends on June the thirtieth. With the -- to see -- including hostels London rivals says he can only on proceedings.

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