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FOX Soccer News takes a look at Liverpool striker Luis Suarez's public request to leave Liverpool.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I guess everybody's favorite cannibal is in the news again Luis Suarez. -- been the subject of transfer rumors for weeks now but up until this point Liverpool and his agent have denied that Suarez is looking for an exit from anfield. But that was then and this is now -- Robertson has the latest on the embattled striker. Suarez is back in his native country preparing to play fronts on Wednesday and tool to pre match press conference why he wants to leave Liverpool. Aluminum because my reasons for leaving is not the money if it was the money I would have left already. Choose to do -- -- -- my main reason is much comedy on my -- she's not my priority now than it is it's a difficult moment for me -- coach and my colleagues -- that they didn't treat -- well here and I don't feel comfortable here anymore -- -- they know us so I think it's understandable that -- You know and especially being -- from the paparazzi all the time I couldn't -- -- my -- -- go to the supermarket you couldn't -- -- and I think I know it's normal being followed by the press but it was too much is okay it is. If us doesn't -- to. All silly things they sent a -- all the pictures all the opponents via a hot and every day and nobody supported me. It's. You talk about you being named as the best player -- the but I knew it doesn't happen. I'm here because of the way they say to me that has eluded him now available. I don't have any offer yet I don't know what I would leave or even if finals finally all right I'll stay. The club knows what I think I'm what I want experience those suddenly look I don't know what happened I have a contract. If I stay I would do my best here but I don't think that will happen because of all the billions from the press against me. And the team is very aware of everything you lose. It's. Lot of it is angled or position players by diving in response to him to clear that he wants to leave. The club issued this statement. Movies slot as is not for sale. -- on the -- sodas representatives have communicated these feelings directly to Liverpool football club the club remains supportive of Luis and expects him to onerous contracts. We will not be making any further comment at this stage. Throughout his Liverpool Korea are some opposition fans of -- dogs one is this offensive response at film on him a one match ban. If you both the eleven going instinct -- fists when he won't change over the last six or not he is how -- -- there's going to be attend. Eleven goals and beautiful two million or whatever it is wisely. I think it's like a bit but since. It's -- appreciated that unlike there's. I think this is just. On I think he's a spoiler stuff but it really does that have posted by him in. So we go to. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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