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Current Video:Luis Suarez considers move away from Liverpool|

Speculation continues over the future of Luis Suarez after the Liverpool striker suggested now might be the right time to leave.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speculation continues over the future of Luis Suarez often have to strike has suggested now want the right times and eat. The 26 year old has been the subject of repeatedly away from around failed. Since receiving a ten match ban the pointing Chelsea defender promise not Ivanovic and -- -- The media -- he's just taken total Suarez who's done little to plate down a remotely relevant trades. Mixing on Thursday it would be hard to say -- to the Scottish Giants. I don't have any offer yet so. I don't know why I'm only people even if I was finally leave forty final stage of the -- of those -- I think if I'm what's like -- so I don't know what will happen didn't specify have a contract civilians must say I'll do my best days. But that's anything that would happen because of all the buildings in the press against me and the team is aware of everything. -- basically state that Marca reported the deal between nickel and brown has already been struck. Controversy has -- his time at anfield but Suarez has established himself as a top class full grid -- -- elite. Since he's 22 point seven million pound move from on acts in 2011. It was it will stop man last season dancing in numerous influential performances for the guys cyclops and scoring that's -- is in the process. Suarez believes he's being treated unfairly being -- and he set a meeting on. I mean you know you. My reasons for leaving is not the money it was the money I would have left to let him. You media and my main reason is my family and my speech in my priority and the home he's. It's identical to my form -- and my colleagues and had a tendency to well any. I don't feel comfortable -- -- and yeah. It was a different that is. The it was and and you live. -- -- -- -- If Suarez isn't running off -- a little flu shot next season manager Brendan Rodgers will struggle to replace the fiery Euro --

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