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Current Video:Chelsea's year in review|

Check out FOX Soccer News as they take a look at all the ups and downs that was Chelsea.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Apologies to Peter -- didn't quite make the grade but there were plenty of other outstanding moments for Chelsea this season -- two points while European champions went through the gamut of emotions. As this past season some managerial changes disappointing losses eventually -- trophy raised one thing's for sure. It's rarely boring it's Stamford Bridge. For a club well I used to a soap opera existence anyway 40122013. For Chelsea Football Club took the drama to a new level. Entering plays European champions it would not be a season to sit back and enjoy the rewards of the season before. It was a gong show. It started off normal enough though Roman Abramowitz throwing money at -- bizarre and Oscar. Adding some new verb to an aging team however the departures of legendary champions Didier Drogba and Michael SE indeed the blues and new look. And the drama was on its way early. Anton Ferdinand refusing to shake captain John Terry's hand before their nil nil draw with QBR. A response to the allegations of racism levied at Terry from Ferdinand brother -- of the season before. Although found not guilty in a court of law Terry would be banned four games in -- 220000. Pounds by the FA a controversial season was underway. An average start to the season on the field followed you lost in the community shield to Manchester City 32. Highlighted by -- ran a slight advantage red card. And -- tip off. Sadly this community sales. It's taken a sensational twist. That was followed by another loss in the UEFA super cup a -- cal hat trick powering atletico Madrid to lead or one victory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Well now well hey I shall say they -- many exited Monica. But back to the scandals in October down two -- to Manchester United Chelsea fought back to shoot two. But then had Fernando Torres and Ivanovic sent off before a highly controversial teacher real goal proved the winner for united. However overshadowing this was a serious allegation. By John hoping Mikhail toward referee mark Kleinberg Mickell alleged Kleinberg had directed racial slur his way. The FAA investigated and in the end -- -- was handed a three match ban for misconduct after he was found to have fabricated the story. A bumpy start to the season for Burton's team at Seau who's enjoying a new two year contract having won the champions league and the FA cup the year before. After three no loss in the champions league do you Ventas in November the popular team a -- was fired. Is replacement a man who well manager at Liverpool several years ago had waged war with Jose Mourinho when he was at Stamford Bridge Rafa Benitez. The fans were open arms the players -- grudgingly accepted their new manager it would be the start it was a real period for the Spaniard. It was relentlessly booed every home and away matched by his own team's fans. Yeah -- it's not terrorists that race but. In Europe the damage had been done before wrap -- arrive. Chelsea became the first champion to crash showed in the group praised the very next year however parachuting into the Europa league would prove a rewarding journey. December abroad with a bit more inconsistency. Including a loss in the final of the fifa club World Cup. Even all the way in Japan some Chelsea fans traveled to boo wrap up. As the year turned though Chelsea be an improving its results staying in touch with the top three teams in the primarily it. Demo -- would arrive in the January transfer window from Newcastle Daniel's story it would make weight off the Liverpool. Then more controversy. In a league cup loss to Swansea and bizarre became entangled with the ball boy. DDK Kim didn't he can't jump a straight red card was coming but the low -- made highlight reels across the globe. The ball boy turned out to be a seventeen year old who would -- is his intentions to cause trouble after the match in the end the FA did not see fit to punish is -- any further. And of story. Amidst the soap opera club legend frank -- hard with Terry through the record book. Becoming the first midfielder in league history to score at least ten goals in ten straight years. -- -- He also began creeping closer and closer to Bobby samplings club record of 200 in two goals that hate on for a -- reached a melting point in February when he addressed the media. Following Chelsea's two -- win over Middlesbrough in the fifth round of the FA cup. The Spaniard laid out his problems with the situation and the truth surrounding his hiring. -- group of funds they're not making any truth to the team. And the passing game and we've seen time and pretty bonus. And this because someone made a mistake. They put my -- food -- money it. And they would -- at the end of the season so they don't need to. -- -- -- -- -- as they did Chelsea's late season was exceptional. An incredible fixture congestion southern forced to play in one stretch of six games in sixteen days mainly because they kept winning. Just he would eventually fall in the FA cup to Manchester City in the semifinal having beaten Manchester United in a replay in the quarterfinals. Well it's -- to -- -- the league final was just rewarded for Benitez -- -- conducted himself with class amidst relentless -- anguish. And the irony was not lost on anyone the man who has six goals the team depended on in the cup run was another maligned Spaniard in Fernando Torres. Europa league may not have meant the same as last season's champions league but the players' reactions that at all. As did Frank Lampard reaction. When against Aston Villa on May eleventh he finally became Chelsea's all time leading scorer. And. In the end Rafa Benitez did his job he won a major trophy and had his team finishing third and with the Champions League Football. He may not be missed but there may be a glimmer of respect for the Stamford bridge and after all who -- is next we'll have big shoes to fill. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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