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Current Video:Mark Hughes new Stoke City manager|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Stoke City has named Mark Hughes as their new manager for the upcoming Premier League season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The -- Are jumping on former QB our boss Mark Hughes the 49 year old. Becoming the next manager -- still get to being sacked by the super -- back in November is not a Loftus road not exactly awe inspiring but the medical Sparky. As high expectations for his new team. -- -- set as more. He's looking to rekindle his reputation and -- system is the place to do it's. That. First job Neitzel stuff behind the scenes second job get the Stokes scored ready for an assault on the premier league's top ten. Tend to change be -- to some people want to see progress them. My my expectation on myself this is -- -- in terms of expectation on with the team. Can achieve will be out as well and I don't know if it's my intention to to make stoke. The top off Premier League team. The fact that a stable at the moment and and I'm being in the community kind of -- players understand we're -- extent to win Premier League games we can we count. Follow me in in achieving what I feel is possible in. This is she's his fifth Premier League club than he's proud of the fact the whenever he's had a full season in charge none of these teams is finished lower than tenth in the label. But his new boss told he's ten -- right to Q feel a blip on the C three and Hughes is keen to set the record straight. But some elements of -- it was mistakes made but I am only myself but so continental levels of Q you have been a Premier League on defense. My own 300 games and and forcing people -- but the moment which is understandable because that's only been. Defense -- -- the last six months most people seem to once and concentrate on -- computer in the beginning of Premier League season which I choose to have their -- -- despite some reportedly resentment most stuck photos of welcomes the welshman. He's promising a change in the way the team placed. -- my background in the team's -- foreign content we have managed hopes of being involved in in very breezy it got pulled down and Tom poston created chances and that's. -- and who we can improve on we want score more goals because that's what people come to watch. When it comes to -- he's transfer cutesy the -- -- -- but it's not into the post strings seems inevitable. No problem says Hughes who's hoping despite spoke until the end of his managerial career. Plus look at uses -- the club level he is taking charge of his fifth Premier League club following spells -- Blackburn Manchester City Fulham. And QPR during that time he managed 341 matches in all competitions winning a 140 times -- 84. Losing a 118. Is yet to pick up any silverware as a manager. Was Fox News every nights at 10 PM.

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