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Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has admitted he would consider a move to Real Madrid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Luis Suarez is dominates in the back pages through the heat struggled so badly to -- betrayed. Yeah plenty of other -- the story starts to Tampa tastes. Political stunt that's what you're required media -- find it difficult to say those -- managed not to approach him. But source finds himself and sensible it just because there's quite truthful sixes after expressing his grief -- the media attention and sportsmanship -- England's. I'll underlining his start is important to Liverpool but it looked just -- taking reservations likely. He's a pretty sweet science so to speak or forty -- -- -- if you opposed to going billion pounds. He's yet to take your best Manchester United boss that -- he's well on the way it -- bullies that you told -- societal -- The incoming manager is that -- monitoring -- latest ask Patrick Pass but that -- as those feelings of rivals city as well as former club Arsenal. Off the whole land they hinted that Christian that's the case still puzzled looks pretty if you ask the manager has bounced effect it's had kids but that's David raids. The Spanish outfit to sixty loving to seventeen point five million pound move for the Belgian fully concede what Chelsea target I don't know found Kyle that's Monica you. Adult to his patience is just penetration rent which it but he his client's interest the hype surrounding cast ballots is to be growing. With -- forced him that's like Manchester clubs Chelsea and its teeth would be to extend -- -- holes in the stomped. And finally Chelsea a sixteen talks if -- -- as a midfielder Tanya Lee de Rossi. That definitely speeding ticket -- the way to a pool -- wrath of the intense I'm mentally.

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