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Jose Mourinho has reportedly signed a four-deal deal early this week with Chelsea.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not Chelsea declined to comment on the report -- Jose Mourinho has signed a deal as manager. The sun newspaper kinds of 48 contracts was signed early this week when their reunion visiting Oakland they -- to senior Chelsea sources welcoming him. Back to the top when it's on a game in Toronto rail Madrid is against the also seen an -- holes today. Aren't you will be to coach -- well -- is focused on the on the pepper -- it. I'm. -- saying I believe he's ready planning ahead and be ready whereas. Spoken putting -- the course -- Belichick wanted to coach better goalkeeper. We -- loan from jealousy. I think their -- -- that he would like Belichick a hard eight. A couple of sessions at exactly Mourinho up on the on the lines of OK you can't say probably yes. -- -- notable being the champion sick but I want you to be my number one credentialed. And those are the ankle recession early helping them before he became all I don't know what breed -- do with jealousy and you know. Took strike two out by another brick and a little on those. We'll pick was available because -- but again -- -- that device in Munich. Go to an agreement within. I -- I'm out there between -- -- Ohman and I'm -- -- to have to agree terms book. Better I think -- trying to -- working as a joke out of it for awhile now.

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