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Current Video:Stoke hires Mark Hughes as their new manager|

Mark Hughes has been named as Stoke City new manager on a three-year deal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Locations promising to bring a more attacking style of play to -- after being appointed -- -- manager -- to sign a three year deal. And he's determined to prove his critics wrong after the -- like -- He's looking to rekindle his reputation and -- system is the place to do it's a little. That. First -- Neitzel was stuck behind the scenes second job get the Stokes scored ready for an assault on the premier league's top. Tend to change be made to some people want to see progress and my my expectation on myself this is a sign and didn't expectation of what this team can achieve will be out as well I don't know I don't know if it's my intention to. To make stoke. The top five Premier League team. The fact that it's stable at the moment some. And I'm being in the community kind of go players understand we're just extent to when Premier League games we can we count. Follow me in in achieving what a field with his post game. This is she's he's fifth Premier League club and he's proud of the -- the whenever he's had a full season in charge that the distances finished -- with the intent from the table. But he's new boss told his ten -- -- QP all of blitz on the C three and Hughes is keen to set the ref called strikes. The -- -- -- there was a six man I don't know myself but so Trenton levels of QB out there have been a community confidence. My own 300 games and and forcing people when but the moment which is understandable because that's all that being the offensive zone. The last six months and most people seem to want to concentrate on twelve computer in the beginning of Premier League season which I choose who have been sent despite some reported resentment most -- -- of welcomes the welshman. He's promising to change in the way the team plays. Given my background in the seems a little room on the weight -- troops have been involved in in -- -- it's -- -- down and Austin created chances and it's. Austrian and who we can improve on we want to score more goals because that's what people come to watch. When it comes to -- he's transfer kids see the chairman's tight lipped but it's not into the purse strings seems inevitable. No problem says she's who's hoping to stay at spoke until the end of his managerial career. Dropped -- six -- schools. The stats suggest I've -- were watching a very different spot a football next season on the -- his teams have averaged ten point five won't shots again compared to previous teams. They averaged just eight points or nine. He's teams also score more goals such averaged less than a goal a game while he's teams averaged one point three won't again. Teddy beside -- happ relied heavily on set pieces for calls -- 50% in total I think he's just 29%. 12% to finish his goals have come from friends -- that's just 2% full Hughes. Suppose the most respectable passing and a few along throwing us under their new manager. He's -- I've averaged 3189. Passes again compared to two and an eighty point two for periods. It's 74 point 8% passing accuracy full marquis is pat up to 66 point 5% its predecessor. I just twelve point 4% of Ference have been long on that he's back to 50%. On the tiny kid it's.

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