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Current Video:Mark Hughes to become Stoke City manager|

Mark Hughes will be appointed manager of Stoke City.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- What can you tell us. Well managerial appointments can take some time all parties. Involved want to ensure that they get it absolutely rides but these talks have been ongoing. For some time now throughout the course of the day. We understand from all sources about a real odd front stage to the extent is about the 49 year old welshman Mark Hughes. May well be appointed as Stoke City manager here at the Britannia stadium over the -- of the next 24. Hours. Now Mark Hughes has been out of work of calls since November the bogeys all solid taking this position -- tightening throughout the course of the day early this morning. It was a short just twelve to wall and all of -- that in the course of they -- last half an hour also. Many Hokies top suspended. Batting on marquis is taking disappointment tea they Britannia stadium what will they bring to well certainly. A reasonable amounts of managerial experience he's been around and they -- credibility for some time despite not dismissal. By Tony Fernandez at queens park Rangers back in November. -- Colts took up the managerial reins in international football festival with the Wales before plying his trade up -- in the Premier League that Manchester City. I'm full of with the short spell at queen's -- grade is the most recent -- as far as he's concerned so. The board of directors -- but I certainly have lengthy discussions with -- use of the candidates have being considered. But Mark Hughes is in pole position to take this job here at the Britannia stadium county did live up on the boards quotes of wanting to take the club. In a different direction following the dismissal of Tony peerless. And so on and if -- it -- it is to be much do you sort of they stuck supporters make it -- eminent arrival. Buzz been a down day head out they've Britannia stadium -- thousand -- one -- two. Pulling a pair that they -- Sonja purchasing club merchandise. Some of them renewing season tickets and some of the -- holes of the stadium -- Picked up -- it won't -- so. And I can tell you they are not universally behind the -- appointments of -- -- When you please huge none -- -- it's -- to lose his place fusion and he told you so at least. I think he is that's not the -- and it is gone. So did you think about -- could be that the mound to chase the style of football looked so and -- once since they have but yes and he'll go to the next manager at. It would have been my first choice and if there's those that. Music and that says the -- -- for somebody. That water companies are just that much of a set -- the Jimmy Johnson sent. Mark Hughes out of word 'cause since November but if he does take the reins which seems a very lightly. Here at the Britannia stadium those supporters feel he has a real the job to deliver following in the footsteps of Tony peerless. Out of thank you.

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