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Current Video:Manchester City, NY Yankees awarded MLS franchise|

FOX Soccer News takes look at Major League Soccer's announcement that Manchester City and the New York Yankees will own a new MLS franchise.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. This -- on a Major League soccer has been I expansion into New York once again until they became official over the -- -- was not expected. New York City FC a joint ownership project featuring Manchester City and the New York Yankees. Starting playing 25 pick in NYC FC OB that. When a franchise in Major League soccer. Man city have a controlling stake in the same for the Yankees contributing an active ownership role as well. Expensive thing -- reported 100 million dollars and -- say that an interim venue what -- of -- at first but a permanent home crowds in Queens is on the the plan. You know he's -- he's a fantastic round sports term. And we know the MLS is there is a very well man it's soccer soccer organization. Today's another big day in now the history of Major League soccer for. On the eighteen years of analysts is history we've always had a plan for a second team in New York. The belief that -- rival for the New York Red Bulls would allow Major League soccer to break through the enormous clutter of the almost a dozen pro sports teams in this market. With so pleased to a formal relationship with Manchester City. Last year's Premier League champion FA cup champion and our newest partner. I'm the New York Yankees 827. Time world champion for the sport of baseball so great. Partnership that partnership will start working on finalizing a stadium. For a team that will begin play in a temporary facility in 2015. As for the New York Red Bulls will probably -- yesterday -- -- happy saying we are supportive of -- suspension as illustrates the growing interest of soccer in North America. We also want to congratulate analysts in the league's new ownership group which is injecting additional resources to help develop our sports. Across the country was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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