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Current Video:Quick look at Bayern Munich's title run|

Catch FOX Soccer News by taking a look at Bayern Munich's capture of their fifth UEFA Champion League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. -- Munich's champions league journey started all the way back in September culminating in Saturday's thrilling win over Dortmund. That's relive it all again in our matches in minutes. Time to -- Munich to face that even the CK. May of 90000 and assistant. Tonight we lost the champions league final to Chelsea might bravery -- leaves it. Paulie and Robin and expressed his -- OK okay. That -- coming. -- Boston stars not past eleven it looked Miami -- it that well why I'd rather play that -- butts that's the first step on the road. Acutely losing out to about student. Not such a big Dolphins -- cars. I'm not may. And a Valencia last season's champions league runners up still falling in love with this place today. The -- you. Yeah I suddenly. Most of us -- just -- tradition maybe it's not the Bulls bubbling. They didn't come -- let's. Thank -- so my immediate. Beats him by putts -- -- or so but it means three weeks ago where results which sent -- quite suitable bowling well. -- nick Melo takes his toe combo I didn't take charge of this diamond all that grabs. Its name is always bounced back. Why did they respond to but I shock defeats and Valerie series ago. Once I get stunning evidence. Seems -- I got -- could not give and that's why minicamp only. -- that it's. Long on the outside it seems in the middle trying to get my. -- Let's don't about with a real sense of purpose it's a terrific and Islam with Matt Painter spoke where's it gonna drop equalizer. It's not the way. It is a brain style. And -- and may just have got the point favorite client. To book their place in the last six stayed behind -- looking for some payback here having been beaten by classic chorus self. Only -- to -- admits he carries in the middle of the -- picked off. -- -- -- -- I. -- -- miracle has to have to draw so. They'll be relying on the number of practice to be to play amongst -- perhaps. Blind Munich resting all then Loral's. It's still little talk this time. -- -- -- you know it's not too. It -- this. The beginning of something special. Believe it. Damage was -- -- three weeks. -- that we have hit two clubs where it distinguished ponson very exciting pitches. The championship back. Would put them. The first -- -- -- guys -- guys -- register the champions league it's safe. This joke isn't finished yet. Even to get to the semifinals. I put it. In the end they follow. Five not to pitch had five -- now. Almost. Options available to -- he's not what it does -- goes goals. Senate seven otherwise. Well played by -- There into -- -- life and music. Welcome to the fans Serena the first leg of the first semifinal of the right the champions league by admitting. Betting we'll have good fun and full seasons. Into what's that today. -- -- -- -- -- But not a good. Who it's not -- it's attended by god it's it's okay. It's it's slow -- about it and it's good vibes that writes about the book go. -- sit and read the box brilliant. Combined made it won't affect great performances. It will -- if you like to Barcelona so. -- never recovered from a Ford Field first leg he didn't reach the next round. Major who picked up fifty. Okay. Okay. Prove. This. Okay. And fire -- it could juggernaut continues to roll here at the Duke game. It's good. Player -- celebrates. And the -- superpower heads to yet another. League finals in London at Wembley Stadium. That's a good candidate here. Okay. Okay. -- -- -- Okay. You know the -- looking for -- Days. I. -- -- -- He drops it on the here's -- It'd be criticized. And -- immunity claim. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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