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Current Video:Recap: Bayern Munich crowned European Champions|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Bayern Munich captured their fifth UEFA Champions League title.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Crown jewel of European football champions league final this -- featuring two containers that are shed a loss -- German Bundesliga crowns the dimension beating Barcelona and Real Madrid in the semifinals. By Munich and -- the moment now boy and a but listen to the cost three finals so it must be said the pressure was on the big variance. Was -- to -- fifth European title aiming for the trouble this season in the cup next week dormant. And if -- seconds until. And for us is 1997. Not many have gotten so pools that the in this wonderful -- his moment of Kevin -- he could Pistons. I'm going to have to go to the ball for a corner. Moments after that Marco -- sensible -- for Cuba. There's no way this time -- download make a fine save. Keeping score that's nineteenth -- Bowman was great run it has a crack at this moment again. It was tending to the scoring was postponed. 25 minute that dusty and frankly we mix it up the -- but they found a really great. Rich Rodriguez who went -- that elbow. And -- is -- to -- ray -- amendments that kids. -- might have been it just gets that thing gets the ball to right safe from that wanna. I'll be Martinez has a notebook one seed Pete Johnson is one of them. Breakthrough they -- in the thirtieth. Vodka maximum. Sentence say if you -- Keeping score in the first golf could be fit noise that comes out cost them the -- eleven dusty. Avoid the long ball in the next -- irrelevant with. This fortunate as the frank Lloyd and good saves enough good things. It's a kid. Q school it's up to 45 minutes at the Portland Wakefield -- fifty yard line going -- Martinez's head up the next two men's and kids they went from making the score sixty -- more quiet on the attack. Some excuse -- in the lead off the -- so it's not that complicated for the bowl. It was a -- problem was if -- was that he was. It suits his goal is one -- one Munich -- moment. But the ones that don't say bad challenge in the books and Bruins -- colonial a couple of mistakes one that is still. It's gonna be a penalty okay good -- good. She has. -- is -- it's made up 1160. Seconds on the right run into the box may have been set but it was a defensive line. Robin and may be suitable for a father instilled right defending 76 mullah. But he's often does that I love by it and don't let things go. Boy what the game you have is still 1187. For the lone defensive spine stunt got. Again if you know this one bullet and -- not a huge golf. Moment and what's that was more drama eighteen million. -- What a natural bend it -- football in Munich unveiling of 2013. Champions league winners. Captain their fifth European team until beating dome in 21 at the final. So already -- and. Finally scores in the final with 25 shot spending three champions league finals in 20102012. And 2013. Now. How about ones attacked they felt the school just ones from 53 matches this season. Attitude -- loss in this tournament Arsenal in the event six they now in the Bundesliga and the chance -- could find one of 113 nine. The 41 matches they've led in winning thirteen Millen joined just so you -- -- this wild guy in his friend on the. Yes there really wasn't wild match man of the match resigned Robin and says it's absolutely a relief to finally win that trophy. It's less -- -- -- finally here and they also know is this this -- like can I cannot describe what is going through your mind I think it's too difficult but. So many emotions. Them. And am. Well when I when I got the Bulls him. I was I was three Ellis and the anticipated them on the on the on on Franca front movement. The only thoughtless but I hope he he lets the -- -- bad and this in the space on our little effect let's. Says he's the ball there because I saw the space and inaudible was that sickly in my in my pocket than them. I took it well the first thoughts and that's why he could get away from from the defender since. -- -- them -- Joyce was actually due to go asked him on the left side. But -- made a move and a necklace that I am to put it on the outside and he was on the honor. To sit on the wrong -- But I have to say that the season has been. An outstanding on the far as team -- on. Us I think in the whole history of the Bundesliga and there's been no team. That has played such a consistent season such a high level with. It's 25 points. And today. Winning the championship. Breaking illness -- codes in the Bundesliga. Tell you something about this -- course that -- you consider -- straight. Who does that give it really just -- substitute to be in the final and we -- this tonight it's important for us. -- fans that do both pretty and what they did the whole atmosphere innocent was brilliant. Bonuses -- both Olympic Games is sports town and posts we enjoyed all the Olympic Games this big event and it was great. The weather with good things appear only lose focus so. -- in my Munich as you see absolutely devastating for Bruce you dormant thank you guys in the studio. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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