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Current Video:Dortmund v Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League Highlights 05/25/13|

Check out all of the action from the Champions League final at Wembley.


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Residual went out. And it -- five months in head to head in the first ever old German UEFA champions league final. The question. Started strongly than what's in the middle it was let's -- trust me. It's a fine save from mental ability that I have best that they get the guy inside bar. Right. -- will be threw the ball so yeah it's awards but jujitsu it's a fantastic thing provided Fella. We've got to face its attempts to this that that I don't upon. They thought the closest that kind of jump. -- -- -- -- -- Rubbery. To it'll open like estate down -- -- -- back -- -- did not -- from the I'm glad playing -- -- -- Wembley. Mount -- -- -- with a breakthrough goal in the final. It is it is Royce that they -- him with -- -- it's a mental thing. Appointments early points to his thoughts for this to that by then sort of Royce. Very good slowly. Just that ago. Enjoyed the competition is an equalizer in the champions league final. -- You probably voted at Providence all. Its all so. With just to. Make it that brought let that my dad. And certainly didn't hurt -- That is the full time whistle meet and have fun until the last minute he says it's by NCAA this time. -- I'm just real balance. With their UEFA champions league territory Bryant -- championship you're. It's -- fans and -- it.

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