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Current Video:Preview: UEFA Champions League Final|

Come see FOX Soccer News as everything is set for Saturday's long waited clash between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Howard just hours away from the champions league final between Borussia Dortmund and -- in Munich in the teams have finally arrived in London for media day. And I like the Super Bowl nobody's dressed up in crazy costumes but for the first time this week we get to hear from the coaches and players before the big game. Brendan Dunlop has more. Well there was a buzz on Friday is by Munich diversity dormant strain on that fits. For the very first time I mean it's amazing campaign of course but it will only validated if they went on Saturday. And out think you're gonna -- the man who has lost just twice -- I -- -- in nine meetings that's the real question. I'm not sure what you can expect for tomorrow that fits them. It's. It's -- special game. If you want to concede that's. The next game it was a vote against Glavine we've met us four times this season but it's not -- moment -- of course because it -- because of the group. I think we all we -- tomorrow it is voted for it's all. -- -- Sonoma but tomorrow we moved into a different speed difference and received. And only one game and nobody's. Wants to. Moves that could not be more true for Bynum will be desperate of course to avoid losing -- the final hurdle for the third time. In four years. We will be even more attentive in our action thing into standard scenario. We certainly won't be giving things away I think it will sharpen our senses. For a sharp as -- were last season. They did themselves by completely dominate in the Bundesliga this campaign spoiling -- opportunity of three feet by finishing 25. Points in front. But of course in a final you only have one shot and all the glory. We've matured a lot dinner game and we're developing really well. I think players are of the rate eighteen we've had some true grit character development we've got a real player types out there are so there's no reason why not. The time -- place are certainly right for the man who has quickly become one of the most talked about managers in the game if this will be my only. Final in my life. So perfect place for this. The perfect opponent to perfectly so if I -- -- Succeed use. It was not so -- perfect. In sixteen years Thomas -- will only be 83 years old but the 23 year old has plenty of big match experience under his belt already. This time around the German international is quite confident his -- can handle all the pressure even if again the final comes down cruel lottery that is penalties. I don't think anyone is going to -- can't over the possibility that there. What may be wet is the Wembley pitch rain was prominent during Friday's training session but regardless of the weather conditions on Saturday. It will not dampened the spectacle. That's. Two strong teams play again gives each other and Caldwell who coached this game. The only real guarantee for Saturday is any German club will win the champions league for a third time I mean it with a last to do so. Twelve years ago -- dormant the first to do so for years before that one that will have the name and raced again on the illustrious trophy this Saturday. In London for fox soccer news I'm gonna Dunlop. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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