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Current Video:Manuel Pellegrini rumored to be next Manchester City manager|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Manchester City look to Manuel Pellegrini to replace Roberto Mancini


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. Well managerial news doesn't stop there and a had a lot going on this week where -- a Mancini was sacked from Manchester City. Alex Ferguson and it's his last game that -- united. -- city bank invited Tony Felix and the list goes on over and Lelie that -- -- -- an answer isn't archer and with more on not sorry here's Rory goes silent. After confirming he'll leave Monica the ends of the season potential has already been heading to monopoly Sweeney's anticipated need to Manchester City. The chilly it was -- take -- -- -- to not even before that it meant to do was dismissed for the Stanley Cup last week. And talk with the Italians replacement as a -- -- to jayhawks thinking about what lies ahead. It's tough to talk about possibilities and obviously. We've been successful sides and a little bit so we'll -- the club made the decision to move forward not only Korea -- players who comes in like disabled American golf. I would -- improve much newness and so I'm telling us. -- -- -- sacks officers who fell to hold on that committee crown with the Cubs tested in the oval approaches the get going full -- -- changes. Well woods leave them behind the scenes. Another sort of got such great people in charge strong current -- strong businessmen. I hope -- gonna with a gonna make the right decision and -- Wigan -- to react to his players which I'm sure we will. And minutes and unfortunately of this evidence in the past not it's beautiful -- constantly changing. On the front of the censorship. And changes are -- so -- from the pitched eight. With city announcing an expansion intent unless after acquiring a franchise team with the New York Yankees. It's an exciting times you say six if the club on both sides of the Atlantic. Especially if pedigree decides he wants to be part of it. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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