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Current Video:UEFA Champions Festival kicks off in London|

FOX Soccer News host Brendan Dunlop checks out the UEFA Champions festival in London.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We think champions league final just days away Atlanta and seems to already be full of fans that are there to cheer on either German side. Or even have a lucky chance to take in the game at Wembley and Adam James and I are a little jealous. Let's send it to lending now where Brendan is right in that they -- at. The biggest spectacle in club football it's come to London for a record seventh time of course with a match that big. The -- is more to it than just those eventful -- minutes on the pitch. Fan fest kicked off on Wednesday answer -- to square fans and even some media had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the men's and women's champions league trophy. One of -- is massive bastards who lifted that trophy twice in his career as high praise for London as a Soccer City. He had his cuts -- off the tradition knuckleballer very -- but the and of course. People love football they love this -- and they needed this shall wait and can say that any any support -- -- his -- truth of his team and this is particularly as -- speaking. English and yes thanks thanks scoring lead then used to. -- -- -- -- -- That's why we and doing that one -- also listed did a he would get open and so I believe they did it was a much of him. But that is they -- say. He is surveyed prevent the other because I was mentally there on the grid than than that it was expecting. From -- to use to try to. To make -- destructive back you've been a bit. And we did it to reassure this commitment. And of course. Mike -- was you I guess -- -- so today. He would let guide them. Munich went up to the next for the next Victoria for makes it kept him. Not unfamiliar territory for high kiss and certainly not unfamiliar to -- unit who are appearing in their third champions league final in four seasons. And hope on Saturday to finally become the bride. Consider the bridesmaid. Both of them deserve. Two win you don't know that. By the Cubs. Both team house won many many those -- -- last -- they were collecting. Look I'm like you've had drug that was there so hopefully but I am going just tried to bring back to communicate. One big winner on Wednesday it was this London community Pimlico. Grassroots soccer was given a big boost with a new pitch created for the community by -- is grassroots initiatives. Yeah it's terrific when you think about what was it -- it was a bad news concrete crowned as many I'm allowed me how to sustain complete opposite it's the same. Young people potential diagnosis. And gave us. Throughout the -- counts than they been able to even feel that apple. -- generation with companies and nothing was happening a couple of. Does it looked at doing it in -- local area here in this part of the legacy really coming from and still generally. Carrying -- from the great focused on here in UK in 2012. And getting people outside and doing and participate -- -- -- very engaged. Both former and future stars a big part of the festival atmosphere. As the match is now just a few more days away may feel a bit light winds are here in England but. Think that certainly heating up I'm -- Dunlop fox soccer news. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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