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Current Video:Borussia Dortmund's road to Wembley|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Borussia Dortmund's road to this year's Champions League final.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Champions league this year we've seen at all from Borussia Dortmund. Incredible saves round Robin white and thigh and impress balls from the likes of mark or rice and Robert eleven dusty. To secure advancement all the way to the final here's a look back on endorsements champions league journey to Wembley. It's in the champions gently against the champions of all into. Any one of what football's greatest Arenas this is -- OK so. It's. Putted safely say I can't let that man. Should build and asking all the questions later on here there's residents it's not a dusty this and. So it's good distance and Hansbrough didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- KT nine minutes -- play. Penalty lifeline -- just Pacific. Entrusted to my hotel -- -- German champions against the Spanish champions that thing. -- -- -- all the seasons -- Pacman isn't that big gap there just little. -- Went to the speed to present without -- bogey -- got -- -- ball. He's got another -- -- -- inside Christiane I've. But now that too long to equalize them all the credit to CS. They saw that round three. And your ankle position that he -- -- -- -- yet get a drop. Real -- lost for the first time against golden but besides missed a couple of weeks ago. Studies it's not a lot of credit John. Condensed his daddy did -- Taken it at this time it was a business yeah. It's still not time. These guys do it he's not that good. An international has been equalized against the Jets and champions. Was that about does the right system. -- -- They'd sit on the list it's. Available pulls. Away from the world. Bruce you don't play. Not at all the last six day disabled but they all the qualities. Let them don't stick. That is why I doubt consider it but wanted to fight which took a Japanese league this season. They're sleeping axis side. I've -- Like -- did it go in but it crested. -- anticipated out of your -- stuff. We get a good golf. It's been a wonderful set of six months ago but could that Ryan to top group today. Don't really set on not just party base. That's the fastest showed in this last sixteenth. We don't steal this game. -- dusty wants ball. Consistent. It's just it's. A wonderful goodness. Pujols might just have saved the first leg seeing tonight's -- When did three weeks time should be special. Was dormant what many of my average this season some of the biggest names in the game count them down his potential witness in May it's just -- take some time. XX and. Bruce you don't -- -- see. It's a -- They took also caught up bottles of the stuff we -- to make it took the residual -- That was to look at the. It's really. Yards. He won't. Support the finals of the champions league the first leg. And -- is that where it's expected to get its own side and it was good so. You're choosing to receive golf under 69 by -- caballero. Good to to his wife's got some guys can now once again that is denied by putting caballero. I'm dreams will be shifted into Colvin owns Newsday. In the end in southern state it's finished goalless in the champions league quarterfinal looks like this -- It's. It's. Bruce -- and. Hearts ripped out a lot of soil. It's pitches -- this time so yeah. It's. It's. -- When it comes again today. Okay. And home. -- -- obviously. Stacked heavily against rounds. But you'd never know can slide it through this looks promising back. -- -- -- -- Yeah this is still. It's incredible finish -- and then the final whistle and on the. It's that simple but we'll step it up on the 25 of may in what is likely today. I'm able German champions league final. Some amazing moments from door and let's. A look at how this stacks on them making its Wembley. They featured in twelve matches winning seven of them drawing board and losing just one. The Cubs scored 23 goals leading after the final which is ranked third in the competition. Robert eleven deaths he leads the team in his fourth with ten goals while Roman invited at least the competition with forty Wednesday. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten Guillen.

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