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Current Video:Roberto Martinez ready to decide Wigan future|

Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez has to decide his future in next 24 hours.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How would a manager -- -- Martinez will make a decision on his teacher in the next 24 I -- following talks with chairman safe clean and Martinez has been -- with the vacant posts that I haven't since I'm -- the weekend are yet to receive any formal approach. I've just a -- me in very very crucial to think it was about so and and you know reverse a soul on ice. Until Cubs on the table. He's -- certain things you feel good. Which I respect. On the issues you know I think. Because it's not a straightforward yes. Old -- Questions for. Is very keen on developing in the -- the -- -- he's very keen on developing new training grounds and and I understand everything he wants to do. He's filled the football hopefully I think we've come up an awful long way. Under the the Angels so. Do you want some 24 those those -- don't visualize. We'll meet today and tomorrow. -- tomorrow will really be the day when. The decision and that sounds so there's a measure of hope it was a good store -- -- world because he's very. I respected and almost led. Book if he says he wants to leave -- released in the south. But I'm hoping that he says that he's going to settle it's it is it is whatever but. I've got to give enough time and he deserves -- there's evidence is composition of the club's. No I was so. Interest in a little people what they want from what they don't want State's post is exactly -- -- -- reversal on me as a German. Agree and what we want to do on -- no question no doubt we will get an agreement tomorrow. But we understand Martinez is on the short list of candidates to wanna -- ever since sources Wilson tennis. Three internal candidates have already had a entities stay off. Filled adult who retired from playing at the end of the season. Out of stops you've -- -- house Kirsch it was how -- teams. On David weir who also coaches the -- academy. We also understand Iverson would like to interview at least five external candidates including Martinez. Along with the Holtz or coach he's -- -- The Swansea manager Michael -- -- who have recently created these three year deal the Scottish manager -- can become like. On the forward Chelsea has coached by taking tentative when the FA cup and champions league before being sacked in November.

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