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Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp understands the difficult task ahead of his team, but believes it is not insurmountable.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pursue Donovan head coach you've been -- believes they will have to beat the best team in the world on Saturday to win the champions take. But he's promised his development sites will leave everything on the pitch against fine Munich I think that when the competition for a second time. And champions league final week you can thinking person Tillman managing you know come close to being a little uptight. But then again that's not really his style he -- -- typically high spirits is the world's football media descended on the club's training ground. Why wouldn't you be happy. He just did this team to European club football's showcase event brushing aside the likes of Manchester City and -- -- home -- Now has two of the champions and our rivals play Munich -- his sights. Who would we'd be something that upsets. Banquets in the final -- the last. To a three is they were in the semifinal of I feel like for the last ten years until there are always. On the last four. And it in this chairmanship. And the the only surprise in this case is that it was a book -- this too. And that's -- We need. Them some special moments. To be here. Along those special moments the stoppage time winner from. In the second leg of the quarterfinals is right up there. Jerseys the full Colts move to straighten. Bobrovsky. Finished making the semifinals. Now he's daring to -- what what. -- We want to make -- parents probably want to move on to that we went -- everything what to what we can do. And to be a winner in this final enough to this we -- if you went. We know the best team in the world but to beat the best team in the world and that's. We'll put up. Lopsided and they're attacking football but their defensive stability was the foundation on which that back to back Jim and titles will built. In 2011. And 2012. The first thing -- -- club make really cantaloupe was swept from the defense because you've got to him about 62. Goats of the season there before. So he knew -- no problem loss and Tristan was set to have a to have a good defense and strong defense and because quality of the players and -- -- so good that it usually offense comes. Consistency from a zone out of its own. -- and we improved every year and this. The south of them the says 106 after two years of domestic dominance it -- these players to have the Bundesliga title back to -- Munich this year. Have no intention matching them in the champions league --