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Current Video:Wembley's Champions League History|

Straight from London, FOX Soccer News host Brendan Dunlop reports on Wembley's Champions League history.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. While we're less than a week away from the biggest soccer game of the year Borussia Dortmund and Byron Munich will renew hostilities at Wembley on Saturday we get to watch it on TV. Our own Brandon Dunlop is the -- and has this report on the history that will be made at London's most historic stadium. On Saturday when -- will play host the 58 European Cup final. -- -- -- -- -- -- and on the first German do well to score off sort of -- believe it or not this is the fourth time in the tournaments illustrious history. Had two teams from the same country the last one standing. Preparations for Saturday's finale -- well underway. It will be the second time in three years that illustrious trophy is won on that grass which might seem strange but not when you remember what a -- year 2013 it is for English football. -- was this is a 150 anniversary of the football association. I don't think anybody in the national association that had to add a veteran committee could have gone -- -- but so anybody got a hundredth anniversary since scenery. -- given the funnel. Ironically this to -- -- exhibits. I think everybody in London is so looking forward to -- we have the two best teams in Europe this impossible. For this country glory. When -- has a special attraction I think kids it's one of these places it's it's being hit for the best part of nine TE is the next day disguised as it was built in 1920 that he. And it's been a Mecca for football fans the world that you can talk to plans and all over the world and they took -- to stadiums they want to play in the Mac and I admit it in and out. And Wembley Stadium and they show that to be himself. The president he like is a big fan of English football and everything about it. And. -- was the city rich with champions league history of long before Chelsea became the first club from the capital to when it's -- Don't be so arrogant but I think it's almost the the capital of the foot bullhead. When he's been around a long long so I'm not too many national associations have a national stadium. England used to think that they -- they. Kingpins of -- football. France didn't vet him out and in 1953 and lost. -- stadium used to occupy this down to the -- by six teams have a seminal match their first ever defeat by continental position. The following year -- that's who won his legacy is a prestige friendlies. Against continental opposition and they they taunted under the floodlights and then the news tightness started with all -- about what. Betty chauvinistic headlines -- walls the champions of the whoa now they say. Now a few people on the continent except in two -- amongst them -- -- I know it was a journalist on they go right French newspaper they keep. And he said well. If you really all the champions that while what do we have a tournament to prove it. I'm within a few months do you think how to stop it. England had so much to do with how the European Cup came to be but the tournament has evolved quite a bit since it's early days. Often criticized for being too big many have called for a return to the original format which featured only -- domestic champions but not everyone wants that. I don't think anybody could argue that the talent UEFA champions league matches are much more attractive in terms of the football that's like you gotta go to watch I Munich embarrassing Dortmund in the semifinals. To see how they won today from the off they was just content to score one goal and and chop Chop Shop. They went for a second golden and a third and of course it paid great dividends for -- so the the way the champions league impact the mindset of football has changed it's become a -- greatest spectacle now. Now that the league will be that -- up -- -- -- -- to -- mention it to them and it wasn't so much. A league gives a procession this year. In England. And and having full places keeps the competition open. We sort of lost sight of the English league season was a going to be Arsenal Chelsea -- of -- -- that pulled the -- so it keeps it going. And I think now with sings the blues the quality of the champions league is much much harder and national football. Last season and this season's Bundesliga champions will make history as Wembley and to Saints and record seventh European Cup final on Saturday. Fox soccer news in London I'm Brendon de -- Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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